Wardrobe Doors

Once you have a functional wardrobe in place, the finishing touch is a wardrobe door to suit your needs. At Platinum Shower Screens and Spalshbacks our wardrobe doors come in a range of materials and colours with clean, contemporary frames in a variety of finishes along with a number of striking designs and materials.

Sliding wardrobe doors are a convenient option as it allows you to easily access both sides of your wardrobe without having to have the extra space to open the door. A heavy duty option is our fully framed aluminium sliding wardrobe door system. It has a thicker than normal bottom track and side wall frame, for extra strength. These sliding doors operate on a double track with metal cased wheels with a full side door bump strip and are custom made.

Our custom made hinged wardrobe doors open widely and gives you full access to your wardrobe all at once and are a great choice if you have the room to open the doors all the way. Our hinged doors are fitted with metal soft closing hinges.Our bi-fold doors are a mix between sliding and hinged wardrobe doors. While they slide in their track, they also fold to only take up a small area when they are opened.No matter what type of wardrobe style you are going for, you want a high-quality wardrobe door that can easily function and give the space a finished and organised look. Our wardrobe doors come in a variety of finishes from classic white to a mirrored, pattern or painted finish, we can do it all — just let us know what you would like.